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Environmental Social Governance

“Sloan not only envisions a more environmentally sustainable future but also seeks to elevate societal well-being and uphold the highest standards of governance, setting a commendable standard for industry peers and inspiring a ripple effect of positive impact.”

— Graham Allen CEO, Sloan

Sloan, a leader in commercial restroom products that’s committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. We balance economic success with environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and effective governance, shaping sustainable solutions for a conscientious world. By championing the ESG movement, we set a commendable industry standard, driving positive change and inspiring others.

Sloan Environmental Social Governance Report Cover

Sloan’s ESG Report for 2023

In this report, we highlight the progress we have made towards environmental stewardship, responsible governance, and social impact.

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Water conservation is one of our founding principles that guide everything we do. We aim to live this principle both through our internal operations as well as through the products that we design and provide for our communities.


We strive to foster a collective spirit that makes us feel like a community. We promote a strong family culture and are determined to maintain a high-quality work environment where people can thrive.


We take pride in owning the manufacturing of our products. Therefore, upholding ethical material and labor practices is of upmost importance to us. We believe that building strong relationships with our suppliers is essential to achieving the best performance.

ESG Report Chapters

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Acerca de Nosotros

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Environmental Overview

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Energy & Emissions

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Health & Safety

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Governance & Ethics

Sustainability Contact

Image of Paul Sambanis

Paul Sambanis, Ph.D.

Vice President of Sustainability

As the Vice President of Sustainability at Sloan, Dr. Sambanis is responsible for developing, managing, and constantly improving the sustainability program across the company. Specifically, this work includes leading global governance, processes, and systems to ensure the company is at the forefront of the industry in its socio-economic systems toward sustainability.