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Carbon Neutral Products

We've been committed to the environment from the start.

We offset our carbon footprint

What is a carbon footprint?

Every manufactured product has a carbon footprint — a quantity of carbon generated and released into the atmosphere during the process of sourcing, manufacturing, transporting and using it. This footprint can be expressed in two ways:

  1. Cradle-to-gate: This includes every step, from raw material sourcing to manufacturing to installation.
  2. Cradle-to-grave: The entire life cycle of the product, including maintenance, water use and ultimate disposal.
Carbon footprint of a Sloan flushometer

Why are carbon neutral products important?

Concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases inthe atmosphere have increased since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution1 and have caused the Earth's surface temperature to rise.

At Sloan, we're actively offsetting the embodied carbon in our products and implementing carbon reduction strategies across our enterprise to reduce our carbon footprint.

How do we calculate our carbon footprint?

We utilized data from our EPDs to identify exactly how much carbon is generated when producing our products. Then, leveraging this data, we proudly partnered with Arbor Day to purchase an equal number of reforestation credits in order to offset the carbon we've generated.

2.5 trees for every 1 flushometer

How does Sloan offset our embedded carbon footprint?

There are several methods to offset your carbon footprint, but for Sloan, credits through reforestation efforts were the natural decision. All of our current and future forestry carbon credits are listed with the American Carbon Registry, which oversees the registration and verification of our carbon offsets.

Our carbon offsetting process meets the strict guidelines of the British Standards Institute (BSI) PAS 2060 standard. This standard sets the requirements for achieving and demonstrating carbon neutrality.

Sloan recognizes that our responsibility to take care of our planet goes beyond water conservation. Our carbon offset process counteracts carbon damage to the environment, helping us and you reduce our carbon footprint.