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加利福尼亚州 · 山景城

AP+I Design

当 AP+I Design 想要重新构想在加州山景城的办公空间时,它需要具有时尚和现代流的可持续风格。 新空间需要向许多高科技客户展示其设计能力,成为其协作设计团队的功能空间,并将资源作为其可持续发展文化的一部分。
Before opening their doors to showcase their new facility, Carol Sandman, LEED AP, founder and principal, knew she wanted products that would allow AP+I Design to meet its zero-energy commitment. Then she spotted exactly what she’d been looking for. It was a contemporary hand washer and dryer installed on a trough sink. The only problem was that there was no matching soap dispenser. Finally, while looking through a design magazine, Carol discovered the perfect solution: Sloan’s AER-DEC® Integrated Sink System.

*Hedrich Blessing 的内部照片

我心里对外观有个特定的概念。 在看到 AER-DEC 的平面广告后,我立即心动了。 这是我想要的一切。 一旦我看到它,我就必须得到它。

Carol Sandman

LEED AP, AP+I Design