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  • Four input/output controller used with PWT push buttons, electronic flushometers and solenoids to control water closets, lavatories and showers.
  • Can connect to a computer managed, FT-10 (twisted pair) network.Operates on 24 VAC–50/60 Hz
  • Can operate as “Stand Alone” controller or integrated into a computer managed network with PWT Water Management Software
  • LonMark compliant
  • RJ-11, 6 position, 4 pin connections for all input and output devices
  • Plug-in type terminal blocks with screw clamp wire connections for network twisted pair wire connections
  • Fuse protection on 24 VAC power supply
  • Patented delay AND lockout capabilities on water closet
  • activation and conformal coated control board
  • Delay before and/or after runtime available on lavatories and showers
  • Input and output diagnostic LEDs